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5 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Presence

Having a social media account does wonders for your business. But only if you make it work for you. To be honest, it’s a full-time job. You’re already running a business 24/7, who has time to run it online too? That’s part of the reason why I started Boudreau + Co. It’s my specialty to create a social media presence for all kinds of clients, and it can vary anywhere from real estate to hair services to cybersecurity and more.

It’s one thing to have a social media account online but it’s a whole other story when you have a fun, engaging account that people want to follow. You need your social media account to direct customers to your business, help build relationships + trust, and eventually create a profit. Social media can be a form of ROI for your business! The more you invest, the more you can expect in your return.

Just having an account online isn’t going to solve all of your business problems. We’ve seen all kinds of accounts, especially the ones that are online simply just to exist. Like, oh, you have an Instagram? Great! But, why hasn’t it been used since 2017? Don’t worry, we can simply renew those accounts with a digital marketing strategy.

We talk about it like it’s simple, but it does take time and work. Making sure your accounts are updated and then actively using the accounts will make your brand stay top-of-mind.

To get started on the basics, here are five ways to boost your social media presence:

1) Update your profile picture

You’ve heard people say you have ten seconds to make an impression. It’s true for any social media account too! Is your social media profile picture/icon updated? Is it pixelated? No one wants that. If your photo isn’t high quality… they’re not going to click on any more things on your account. They’re going to exit and move on.

Make sure you keep your audience captivated and scrolling through your account with a good quality profile photo. Your icon can include something as simple as your logo or a photo that best represents your brand.

2) Update your information

This is just as important as the photo. You want to make sure all of your “buttons” work. Does the website link go directly to your site? Check for any broken links. If your bio isn’t up to date, people aren’t going to trust your account.

Depending which social media accounts you’re using, your bio can include your brand story. How was your company founded? What’s your purpose? Your mission statement? Who are you trying to reach? Make sure your account has a link to help direct users to your address and website.

3) Using the social media account

Along with the bio, why do you want a social media account for your business? What makes you different from the other accounts? Why should people follow you? These are some of the questions to ask yourself when you’re using social media. Some people use social media to help direct users to their website and products. Others may use it to give their company a “human” feel, connect with users online. And some may use it just to share photos and reach a different target audience that they may not be reaching through other forms of advertisement. Or all of it! This is entirely up to you!

4) Stick to a main theme + colors

Every company has a logo and specific brand colors. Incorporate it with your social media presence! Maybe your colors are black and white. Post things that go well with your theme: black and white photos, fun quotes in black and white, etc. Social media is all about visualization. People love to share videos and stories. Make sure these visual posts match your branding.

For example, if you’re a little boutique selling vintage clothing, then you don’t want to post things that don’t represent your store and your brand. Avoid other subjects, like hair or food, and focus on who you want to reach and how your brand will help those you want to reach. It’s okay to post about other things as long as your brand is part of the story. For example, maybe you post a photo of your favorite coffee drink with a boutique item: “Coffee makes everything better. Know what makes even better? Wearing this vintage jacket while drinking coffee.”

5) Engagement + Following

No, this type of engagement isn’t a proposal. This means communicating online. Making the extra effort to take the time in your day to respond to questions, comments, or even a follow can make a difference in your relationship with clients. Your company instantly becomes humanized. Humans need a connection and once you establish that online, it becomes easier for clients to trust you and follow you, engage with you and buy your products, services or experiences. Even better, they will refer you to their friends, families and followers.

An example of engagement would be using social media language. You can now “like” “haha” “love” and so on, on other posts and your own. You can also comment and reply to other comments. Engagement also includes following other brands, businesses, and people online. Follow only those that reflect your values; follow people and/or brands that you know, partner with, as well as those that inspire you. Don’t follow just to hope to gain a follower. People will notice that tactic. If you engage online with intent and purpose, the results will be rewarding.

To summarize, simply let people know you’re active online by updating your account and engaging with your users! Soon enough, you’ll build trust and eventually a following!

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