Network for Business Innovation

Mark Dancer is an author, NAW (National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors) Fellow, and CEO of Network for Business Innovation. He hired us to help him establish a social media presence, mainly focusing on LinkedIn. He needed a cohesive marketing and communications plan; a brand identity. He needed us to help reach his connections and bring in more work opportunities such as appearing on radio stations and podcasts; leading conferences and moderating panel discussions; as well as co-authoring on books, articles and more. We started in late 2019 and saw an increase in engagement, pulling in over 1000 new connections. Marketing has paid off, even after the pandemic hit, we pivoted our communications plan to focus more podcasts and webinars, still continuing to engage with Mark's audience and pull in new connections, work opportunities and more. We're working on a new marketing strategy and creating a press kit for his upcoming book and podcast.