As a person who loves to be creatively challenged in all areas of my life, I felt like I needed to expand my portfolio and polish my skills when it comes to creating content. I also missed collaborating with people, working in team settings and being assigned with projects that not only "look good in my book" but also reignite my fire and help me look at advertising and content in different points of views.


So, in November of 2020 I decided that Miami Ad School would become the next step in my advertising career. I needed to find new connections and find a way to step back into the agency life. I moved to Miami from Colorado Springs at the end of December 2020 and started the Copywriting Program a few weeks later in January 2021.

I'll be adding my work here as time goes on! Everything you see here will be a mix of passion projects, work for real clients and skills I have polished up so I can share it with you.